Pierre and Marie Curie primary school


New Comenius Project 2012-2014



language, communication, culture and art.
The definition of arts in our school: digital (photo filter, image editing and photo), design, photography, visual arts and music (voice and listening to music, analyse a musical excerpt, singing musics in mother tongue),art history.

– Themes

·  Music: discovery of instruments of each partner country, singing music (choir), learn and study the different musical periods, study styles of music, work on composers.

Listening to music (excerpts), use and learn musical vocabulary, observe or play musical scores …

·  Architecture: work only on the capitals (for example for us it will be monuments of Paris)

Present our work to the partner countries: videoconference, movie, power point presentation, …

Work on famous painters and sculptors from each country: for example Italy would work on Leonardo Da Vinci.
· Visual Arts: Digital Art

·  Dance/performing arts: make costumes, study or observe and regional dances and then practice it.

Play small scenes about famous composers or painters


  •          Traveling exhibition:

–         Exhibition who travels in each country

–         Work on artists of each country within its period.

  • Dance:

–         Invent choreography with regional costume for example

–         We could make movies and send choreographies to each country

  •      Songs:

–         Videoconference

–         Each partner could make a CD with children’s songs for example (famous and easy songs from our country, easy to learn and mime).

–         We could add a lyrics book.

  • Musical culture:

–         invent music games, recognition of instruments, invent a game about musical families.

–         Prepare a common frieze (historical frieze), send each pictures of famous artists in several fields of art.

–         Each country would have the same frieze with differents artists who come from each partner country.


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